Olga Consuelo

Surname  Carbonell Camacho.





State tribunal S. Allende clinic. Pre degree.1976

Student scientific meeting 1976

Applied the serial extraction in our country. Assessor/ 1976

Student’s scientifics meeting 1985. Secretary

First provincial meeting. 1986

State test. Vocal. pre/grade.

State test. Vocal. pre/degree.

State test. Secretary pre/ degree.

XXVII students scientific meeting.  Odontome diagnosis precocious for the prevention of de malocclusion. Assessor

IV Dentistry scientific meeting. INPE 1998.

Around table. Orthodontic preventive. Assessor

XXXIII Students scientific meeting. Assessor. Wear the coffin appliance to the primary attention. 1999/2000

XXXIII student’s scientific meeting. Assessor.  1999_2000.  Thumb sucking.

group dynamic for the 102 anniversary for the  foundation of the Havana dentistry university. 2002. Secretary.

The century dentistry congress in the Havana University.

XI Iberoamerican orthodontic of the associations.

X conference ofedo/udual.

I Iberoamerican congress of the oral health promotion. International conference of the oral cancer. Iberolatinoamerican of the periodontology meeting chairman.

oligodonthia. 2002. Tutor

Third molar. Evolution of the position in the patients treated with distalization appliance. Tutor. 2003

State tribunal. Specialist of the orthodontic. 2005

Loss teeth in primary and permanent dentition. GIE

Loss premature the first molar permanent teeth.

Tribunal pass year of the specialist GIE. (Secretary). San Miguel del Padr�n

Prediction of the space in inferior third molar. Tutor. 2005-2007


Teach curse


International course. Orthodontic Clinic. 1992

begg technique. 2000

Orthodontic diagnosis.2000

Lower third molars perspective in orthodontic. 2000

Third molar. Perspective in orthodontic. 2001

Orthodontic diagnosis.2001

Third molar. Perspective in orthodontic. 2002

Orthodontic diagnosis.2002

Third molar. Perspective in orthodontic. 2003

Orthodontics diagnosis.2003

Orthodontics diagnosis.2004

Third molar. Perspective in orthodontic. 2004

Thirds molars. Perspective in orthodontics. Pre/congress course. 2005

Thirds molars. Perspective in orthodontic. 2005/2006






Comparative study between moyers level 50% and the Tanaka/Johnston prediction. 

Development and formation of the third molar en malocclusion cases. relation between eruption and posterior space.

Third molar. Orthodontic diagnosis. Orthodontic Cuban magazine 2000; 15 (1):39-43

comparative study between moyers level 50% and the tanaka/johnston prediction. jbo 2000, 27(5) 35-38.

Program integral dentistry specialist. 2001

Practice guide. (book)

General medical program. 

Can the third molar to produce crowding, yes or no. revision bibliographical rev. cubana de orthodontia 1999, 14 (1)

The determination of maturation bone through cervical vertebrate. Electronic

 publication dc dentistry congress 2005 ISBN 959-7164-33-7.

 Memory of the event in extend work



Learn course


Pedagogy. 1985

Training orthodontic. 1988

Seminary. develop and growth craniofacial skull. 1989.

Training orthodontic.1989. all that the dentistry should know about the orthodontic. 1998 

Biomechanics new contribution.1998.

Frankell functions regulator. Conference. 1998.

Straight wire. 1999 

Pediatric dentistry endodonthic. 1999

Progressive ricketts technique. 1999

English course. 2000.

Functional rehabilitation. 2000

Functional rehabilitation. 2000

Patients with excess dimension vertical and close space with orthodontic treatment. 2000

Bioprogressive technique vs. straight wire technique.  Dr. Nanda 2000

The value formation in the medical science. 2000

Diagnosis, evolution and treatment of the occlusal problem.

Bioprogressive techniques teach to the professor m. ricketts. 2001.

Microsoft 2000. 2003.

Microsoft 2002.2003

Office introduction 2000- 2003.

Office introduction 2002/2003

Orthognatic surgery actualization. Course pre- congress. 2005

Orthodontic actualization. Course pre congress. 2005.

105 anniversary of the dentistry at the Havana University.



meeting participation


1. II national student orthodontic meeting. 1979

2. Principals didactic application in the educative process. 1987

3. Hospital julio trigo meeting 1990

-Mandible retrognatism

 Mandible prognatism

4. 93 Scientific meeting. Work team scientific in the digital thumb sucking elimination.

5. Provincial orthodontic meeting. Posterior cross bite 1993.

6. Provincial orthodontic meeting. comparative study between moyers level 50% and the Tanaka/Johnston prediction.1998

7. Provincial orthodontic meeting. around table. preventive orthodontic. 1998

8. Can the third molar to provoke crowding

9.  Ecologist orthodontic (international). conference

10. Orthodontic cuba-mexico meeting 1999. around table. preventive orthodontic

11. International congress for the century of the dentistry school of the havana university. XI of the iberoamerican orthodontic associations. x conference ofedo/udual.

I Iberoamerican congress of the health oral promotion. internacional conference of the cancer oral. Meeting iberolatinoamerican of the periodontology.

12. Third molar diagnosis in orthodontic treatment.

13. XXX anniversary of academic course. 1971-20011

14. Therapeutics alliances do between the dental professionals and the family.

  X Foundation of the college of dentistry. Aden. 2008

15. Fluorosis. R.V. Meeting of the Cuban Doctor. Mayo 2008.

16. The management of patients with hematological and bleeding disorders in dentistry.

  2nd Hematology & Oncology Conference11-12 March 2009 Aden





Professor Associated.  2006. 


scientific grade


II grade in orthodontic.  2005.